It seems like I've always had a camera within an arm's reach. With a strong family interest in photography, it's no wonder that I feel like I'm at peak creativity when I'm holding a camera. During High School, I took Yearbook / Journalism classes each year. I mostly shot soccer and ice hockey since those were the sports my friends played. You could say that was the start of my passion for photography.

That trend was "kick" started in 2006, nearly ten years after finishing high school, when I decided to go shoot a local high school freshman boys soccer game after work. That game, featuring Rochester Adams and Troy Athens, got me back into photography in a community that is absolutely fanatical about its soccer teams. I’ve had an opportunity to follow many of the same players and teams as the moved into their senior year of school in 2009.

Throughout my photo collection, you'll see hundreds of frozen shots on goal and goalkeeper saves. Thousands of expressions of determination and effort as players are stretching out to head a ball or gain or keep possession from an opponent. Hundreds of moments of jubilation or disbelief as goals are scored or nearly created by a key pass. I believe that these photos you will see capture the individual spirit of each player, the dedication of each team to the game depicted, and the overall environment that is the sport of soccer.

I enjoy reviewing these split-seconds of time as often as possible. These moments have special meaning to me, and from all my experience in mentoring teens, I know they are meaningful too all of the young athletes I’ve informally met over the years. Photographs ARE timeless, so I hope that posting these photos will provide an easy way for the people depicted to share these moments with their family and friends.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my photos! See you on the field!